Let’s be honest, waking up to find your favourite Tights have a ladder in them is far from ideal. By lavishing a little love on your hosiery, you can keep them looking fresh as well as prolonging their life. Here’s our hot tips for caring for your hosiery:



Remember to take care when washing. By hand is preferable, but that said, you can use a Voodoo Wash Bag for machine washing to keep them protected and snag-free.


Never tumble dry your Tights. Doing so can not only warp their shape but can shrink them too. Instead, lie them drip dry in shade and away from direct heat.


Remove them carefully at the end of the night. We’ve all been taught how to gently put on a pair of tights – sit down, roll up one foot at a time, gently drag up. Simply do the opposite when taking them off. Start at the top and roll them down gently without pulling.


Nothing causes Tights to tear more than jagged nails. Keep your mani in check and you’ll keep your Tights in check too. It’s a win-win.