We invite you to come behind the scenes at Voodoo HQ to meet our talented designer, Margarita.

With her eye for the latest fashions in hosiery, we wanted her expert advice on how to style the range, what inspires her and what makes the Voodoo tick this summer.


Voodoo: Tell us about yourself

Margarita: My interest in fashion has been an organic evolution – from a love of clothing and style to watching my mum sew crazy patchwork jumpers in the early 90’s to studying fashion  in Germany and finally applying my passion in the fashion industry in Australia.

I remember my first pair of Voodoo sheers which I got at the LMFF together with free L’Oréal samples a  few years back. I instantly loved them and am lucky to be working with the brand now.


Voodoo: What or Who inspires you?

Margarita: I am inspired by travel, people and our close knit Design team at Hanes.  While I’m often wrapped up in the day to day of endless emails and meetings, I always look forward to create the next seasonal direction to build the best possible ranges for our Voodoo customers.

Voodoo: What is the next big trend for Summer 17 that you foresee?

Margarita: Summer is all about feeling great, reinventing and accessorising your outfits. Don’t cover up – embrace and add a touch of colour with fishnet tights or anklets.


Voodoo: What is your favourite Summer 17 style from Voodoo?

Margarita: The Mod net sock is high up on my list of must have’s. It’s a cool looking fishnet, incredibly airy and adds a splash of colour to your outfit.

Another favourite is the Vivienne legging with its lacy, breathable leg. Personally, I love to wear the Vivienne with an elongated shirt and plateau oxfords.


Voodoo: What makes you so passionate about hosiery?

Margarita: To me, hosiery is an essential accessory to complete any outfit. It makes your legs look instantly great by covering up blemishes, complimenting your outfit or creating a point of interest.

There are so many summer styles to choose from… An 8 denier Glow sheer tight is the right summer weight for a perfect nude look and feel. You can also opt for a fishnet style which will keep you looking cool while adding a splash of colour.


Voodoo: Do you have any tips on someone keen to wear Voodoo hosiery with their Summer wardrobe?

Margarita: There is no right or wrong. Essentially it’s about what you like to wear and if you are willing to experiment. Try a pair of 15D Voodoo Shine tights with your summer dress and a pair of heels.

You might find you want to try a fishnet tight next, to add a splash of colour. A pair of hosiery anklets are great to complete an outfit too. See how it wears and feels. You might find that you’d like to venture from there.

But most importantly, enjoy!